How can the 2nd stage time and temperature parameters be changed on the Zen Thermostat?

The Zen Thermostat supports two stages of heating and two stages of cooling. The second stages of heating and cooling turn on either when the ambient temperature is a number of degrees away from the desired setpoint (delta temperature), or if the first stage has been on for a defined period of time but room is still away from the desired setpoint (delta time).

Both the delta temperature and delta time can be configured via the Zen Thermostat's Advanced Configuration menu:

  1. Remove the Zen Thermostat from the wallplate to enter the PREFS menu
  2. At the back of the Zen Thermostat, tap the CONFIG button 5 times to enter the ADV menu. 
  3. Scroll right to the parameter being configured (as per the table below)
  4. Tap up or down to change the parameter to the desired value
  5. Center tap to confirm and place the Zen Thermostat back on the wall


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