What is the difference between the Fan ON and Fan AUTO setting?

The Zen Thermostat supports setting the fan control of an HVAC unit. The settings are as follows:

  • FAN “ON”
  • FAN “AUTO”

To select the desired fan modes ON or AUTO:

  • Tap the Zen Thermostat face (2) times to enter the Mode menu
  • The thermostat will display the current cycle mode (OFF, HEAT, COOL, FAN)
  • Cycle through by tapping the Left or Right arrows.
  • Select the “FAN” option by center tapping “FAN” on the display
  • Tap the Up or Down arrows to select either “ON” or “AUTO”
  • Select your option by center tapping the “ON” or “AUTO” to confirm the selection.
  • Choose the desired mode (HEAT, COOL, OFF)

For a more detailed description of the Fan ON vs. Fan AUTO setting please see the attachment below.

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