How do I Create a Routine in SmartThings?

Routines in SmartThings make it possible to have seamless home automation.

What you can do with Routines

Routines has four default phrases:

    • I’m Back! : You have returned home (triggers Home Mode)
    • Good Night! : You are going to sleep (triggers Night Mode)
    • Goodbye! : You are leaving the house (triggers Away Mode)
    • Good Morning! : You are waking up and getting ready (triggers Home Mode)

To illustrate: You might want to tap Goodbye! when you leave the house for work. Or, set up Goodbye! to automatically trigger when your Arrival Sensor exits your geofence. The Goodbye! command will tell SmartThings to adjust your home’s lights, thermostat, and other devices based on which configurations you think are optimal when you’re away from home.

Trigger a Routine at any time by tapping its icon in the main Routines view. The app will confirm that the Routine command was performed.


Add a new Routine

  1. Tap Routines
  2. Tap the plus icon
  3. Tap What do you want to do? and enter the desired text (e.g., Turn Everything On). This will be the name of the Routine
  4. Tap Next
  5. Configure What do you want to happen? by tapping to set the following options:
      • Set the Zen Thermostat to a specific temperature.
      • Change the Mode
  6. Under Additional settings, tap to:
      • Automatically perform the Routine when someone arrives or leaves, at a specific time, at sunrise or sunset, or when something opens or closes
      • Rename the Routine
  7. Tap Done to save each configuration you personalize
  8. Tap Done again to finalize setup

This completes creation of your new Routine.


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