Can I connect the Zen Thermostat to my Home Wifi Network?

Depending on what edition the Zen Thermostat is, the thermostat can connect to a home WiFi network. 

The Zen Thermostat Wi-Fi edition can connect to a home network via WiFi. When connected to a home network via WiFi, the Zen Thermostat can be remotely controlled by our supported Zen Thermostat WiFi App (the Zen Thermostat must be linked to the supported Zen Thermostat WiFi App). 

The Zen Thermostat ZigBee edition cannot connect to a home network via WiFi. As such, the Zigbee edition Zen is not supported by the Zen Thermostat WiFi App. To control the Zen Thermostat ZigBee edition remotely you would need to integrate a home automation system such as Samsung SmartThings or Securifi Almond Hubs.

To verify the edition of the Zen Thermostat simply take the thermostat off of the backplate, on the back of the thermostat there is an indicator sticker with the serial number as well as either a MAC number or ZID number. If the Zen has a MAC number it is a WiFi edition thermostat. If the Zen has a ZID number is it a Zigbee edition thermostat.

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