How do I connect my Zen Thermostat to Samsung SmartThings?

In order to connect your Zen Thermostat with the SmartThings Hub, ensure your SmartThings hub is connected and setup. You can find instructions on setting up your hub here: Samsung SmartThings Hub Setup

After you have done this, in the SmartThings App.

  1. Tap Marketplace (bottom right of the app, looks like a dashed star)
  2. Tap Connect New Device
  3. The app will say, I’m looking for your new Things and display a spinning circle
  4. While the Hub is searching, remove the main display from the thermostat's mounting bracket
  5. Tap the thermostat's screen to activate it
  6. Press the Network button on the back of the thermostat 5 times to join
  7. When the device is discovered, the message 1 Thing Found! will show, and the Zen Thermostat will appear below.
  8. Tap the device to configure it
  9. Follow the in-app prompts to configure the device; these will allow you to configure the device to a particular room, and setup some initial routines.
  10. When you finish configuring the device, tap Done


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